Big Shoal Cemetery

The Big Shoal Heritage Area is the name of the 20 acres owned by the City of Gladstone that surrounds the Atkins-Johnson Farm and Museum. It includes the Big Shoal Farm and the Big Shoal Cemetery, both found going south on the walking path

Big Shoal Cemetery is the final resting place for a number of early settlers of Clay County from the early 1820's to the last burial in 1947.  The Cemetery also includes veterans of a number of wars which had an effect on the Nation including the War of 1812, the Blackhawk Indian Wars, and the American Civil War.
In June 2009, the City of Gladstone acquired the abandoned Cemetery through the Missouri Attorney General.  Visitors are welcome to tour the Big Shoal Cemetery from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week, year-round. Candlelight Tours are offered annually in October.